Sunday, November 18, 2007

Excellent Sunday!

I could hardly sleep last night, I was so excited for Tiny Canary! I've never really been involved with a craft show that was slated to attract so many people, so I really had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I was all ready to represent my designs and share my fun, colorful collection with holiday shoppers!
Aline and Anne, our awesome Tiny Canary organizers, were so amazing! Not only did they work their butts off to promote this event all over Columbus, but they were so sweet in providing the vendors with a yummy breakfast spread and giving us a very cute little book about crafting & business!

Here are some shots of my Sweet Stella Designs booth:

Here's Megan from Moogan Creations peeking out from her sea of plush! She also had totes and 2-D artworks for sale. I wanted to get a closer look at some of her lovable new characters, but I hardly had any time to escape from my booth. It was so busy!

AmyD and Olivia goofing around after our extensive conversation about boogers.

I got to sit next to Patrice and watch her make all kinds of funky jewelry throughout the day. My favorite part was exploring her recycled bead box. Mmm..vintage lucite flowers! Patrice was wearing a beautiful necklace with a reclaimed metal dogwood flower from an old candelabra. One customer loved it so much she bought it right off her neck!

At the end of my successful selling day, I raced around buying myself a few lovelies:
* Lip Balm from Disquieting Designs (I forgot my lip gloss and desperately needed some; I was very impressed with the quality and the subtle lemon/lime flavor)
* Little painting by OrangeWillow: it reminds me of San Francisco and will fit in nicely with my wall of original artworks, hung gallery-style.
* Hair band by Gazzu: too adorable! I need more of these!
* Porcelain squirrel pendant by Lusterbunny: I have been coveting one of these for so long.
And now, how I feel can only be summed up in one photo:


Danca said...

love your Etsy store and your blog, so I tagged you! Please go to my blog for details.
Have fun!

AmyD said...

Perfect! Perfect! PErfect! But i can't believe you got me wiping a booger on olivia! sick!

sharonhbell said...

Yay! It felt like there were dozens of sisters in one a family reunion! And I finally got a necklace!!!