Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shout Out!

Mike Renner, who co-owns What The Rock!? had a little Q&A article in the Columbus Dispatch about the store. My jewelry got a shout-out in the article! Hooray!
So go to WTR this Saturday night for Gallery Hop, because there will be a whole new batch of Sweet Stella goodness there. Or go there any other time. Either way.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Help Me Decide!

As our July 3rd start date to sell handmade awesomeness at the Lynn & Pearl Alley Markets nears, I have found myself in a design quandary. I am making postcards to leave around Columbus, and I have 2 very similar designs that I cannot decide between!

I am looking to send my images to VistaPrint tomorrow, so any input between now and then would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know which one you like best by leaving me a comment! Thanks.

Design #1

Design #2

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Best Thing Ever

Yet another creative use for stamps.
There will be many more of these, I can assure you (possibly with various patterned papers or even fabric). I know that at this very moment, someone's belt is absolutely begging for this excellent buckle.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Posta Romana

I have recently developed a love of postage stamps. My co-worker Eva gave me a whole box brimming with cancelled stamps from all over the world, dating back to the 50s. Her thoughtful donation came at just the right time, because I am currently creating a custom order for 20 of my glass stamp pendants for a store called White Balcony in Fort Collins, Co. Hooray!

Here is what the glass pendants look like before I add the silver bails. (Bails are the glue-on loops that enable you to turn a flatback stone or cabochon into a pendant)

Another way that I make postage-stamp jewelry is by using polymer clay. With the clay, I can choose a beckground color that enhances the appearance of the stamp.

Some of my favorite stamps are those from countries that no longer exist and ones commemorating events/people not from that particular country. i.e. a Rwanda stamp celebrating JFK! Ok, maybe I am too easily amused.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Remember When I Used To Make Paintings?

Yes, I did used to make paintings. And drawings. And prints. And many more other art objects. While I do enjoy making jewelry, I definitely miss painting.
I started thinking about this tonight, when I saw a posting on Craigslist about an art show being planned, with participants who haven't shown their work or made art in a while.
This was so exciting for me to read, because I certainly fall into this category.
The work above is the most recent painting I created; I think I started it in November 2006; it's not finished yet, and I'm not sure if it will ever be.
This pattern reflects the wallpaper my grandmother had in her downstairs powder room. She passed away in February 2006, and after we sold her house, I realized that the funky '60s and '70s decor would be replaced and updated and I would never get to see her over-the-top decorating style again.
So, I decided to celebrate the patterns of my grandmother's old house through painting. I didn't get very far, though!

My artwork in college (BFA at Ohio State) was heavily centered on ideas of relationships, memory, home, place, and travel.

Here is a free-flowing intuitive painting. I started painting in this style after my senior BFA show in 2003, when I got tired of creating representational art.

These are 2 abstract paintings inspired by city streets. They differ from the above painting in the sense that these have a reference, and were created specifically with that reference in mind.

During my senior year of college, I created a series of works where I painted old friends with whom I had lost touch or only saw once in a while.

This one is called "Day Off" (from being counselors at camp). Right now, it's hanging about my couch in my living room.

"Prom Sucks" was inspired by a photo that I have of a friend from New Jersey. She was so excited to go to prom as a sophomore, but later divulged that it "sucked" and that she and another friend spent most of the time outside smoking cigarettes.

This painting was also inspired by a photo I snapped as a 16-year-old at a party when I lived in NJ. I think it was at the good-bye party my friends threw me when I was moving to Ohio.
As you can see, I had some pretty interesting friends. But don't let the shirt fool you. This kid was a total sweetheart.

Hope you enjoyed the retrospective. Hopefully, I will be involved with this new art show and finally make some paintings. Although I'm thinking mixed-media. (Donuts + sculpey??) I know my ideas from creating jewelry will work themselves in to my new artwork.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jewelry Displays

On Friday, I had an epiphany regaring displaying my jewelry. I bought a cheap wooden crate at the craft supply store, turned it on its side and presto! Earring displays. I figured this would be a great solution because it's easy to set up, cheap, and fairly unique. I am planning a trip to the hardware store to see if I can procure some more conventional materials and turn them in to funky displays.

Because Lori and I start selling Lynn & Pearl Alley Markets the first week in July! I am working on some sweet promo materials, so expect to see those plastered all over Columbus.

And remember, you can still purchase items by Sweet Stella Designs at Wholly Craft, What The Rock, or through Or, you can set up a little meeting with me and you can buy directly from my mini store at home.

Important News! Sweet Stella Designs will now be charging sales tax for sales in the state of Ohio. Not too exciting, I know...but this is what comes with being an official vendor.

New Shopping!

Last weekend, I went Gallery Hopping in the Short North and had quite the positive retail experience! My new favorite store is Tigertree which is at 17 E. Brickel St.

They have all kinds of cute clothing and accessories. I bought I very adorable business card holder (really a subway card holder...but alas, no subways in Columbus) and a funky plastic ring by TigerLilly. Niki and Josh, who own the store, are very friendly. You might even see them out on High Street flyering the town! So stop by and support local small businesses. And buy something adorable.

Aside from buying massive amounts of jewelry supplies this week, I also purchased a bicycle!! Yaay! My buddy Michelle sold it to me on Friday and I took it for a ride downtown that evening. It's a metallic pea-green Trek road bike (but without the giganitc TREK logo everywhere) with white handlebar tape. Pics to come!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

OHIO luv

I recently had some very excellent buttons assembled by the fabulous Paperzombie. One of my designs was this cute Ohio theme. (Notice how Columbus is a heart!). Yeah, I know you may gripe about living in Ohio, but admit it...YOU LOVE IT. That's why you can never leave.

Ok, perhaps I am exaggerating a bit. Regardless, you NEED one of these buttons. They're 1" and available on my Etsy site.

Last night was another Columbus Craft Collective (Crafty Cotillion?) mixer at Surly Girl. I am so glad it's a monthly event now. I do need to get out of the house more often.

In other news, I finally got my photography up to par. I have decided that Columbus sunlight is notoriously unreliable for photographs and I do not appreciate having a 15-minute window once a week in which I can photograph my jewelry.

So, back to the homemade light box and the photo flood. This time I am using a light gridded paper and no flash. The results really do speak for themselves.