Friday, May 18, 2007

Posta Romana

I have recently developed a love of postage stamps. My co-worker Eva gave me a whole box brimming with cancelled stamps from all over the world, dating back to the 50s. Her thoughtful donation came at just the right time, because I am currently creating a custom order for 20 of my glass stamp pendants for a store called White Balcony in Fort Collins, Co. Hooray!

Here is what the glass pendants look like before I add the silver bails. (Bails are the glue-on loops that enable you to turn a flatback stone or cabochon into a pendant)

Another way that I make postage-stamp jewelry is by using polymer clay. With the clay, I can choose a beckground color that enhances the appearance of the stamp.

Some of my favorite stamps are those from countries that no longer exist and ones commemorating events/people not from that particular country. i.e. a Rwanda stamp celebrating JFK! Ok, maybe I am too easily amused.

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