Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jewelry Displays

On Friday, I had an epiphany regaring displaying my jewelry. I bought a cheap wooden crate at the craft supply store, turned it on its side and presto! Earring displays. I figured this would be a great solution because it's easy to set up, cheap, and fairly unique. I am planning a trip to the hardware store to see if I can procure some more conventional materials and turn them in to funky displays.

Because Lori and I start selling Lynn & Pearl Alley Markets the first week in July! I am working on some sweet promo materials, so expect to see those plastered all over Columbus.

And remember, you can still purchase items by Sweet Stella Designs at Wholly Craft, What The Rock, or through Or, you can set up a little meeting with me and you can buy directly from my mini store at home.

Important News! Sweet Stella Designs will now be charging sales tax for sales in the state of Ohio. Not too exciting, I know...but this is what comes with being an official vendor.

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