Thursday, July 26, 2007

Columbus ALIVE Article: Art Fits

Hooray! It's my first appearance in the newspaper, ever: Columbus Alive, weekend of July 26th. Read the article below, or check it out on Columbus Alive's website.


Fitting in

by Bryan Bullock


"I'm very intimidated by the arts scene," said ink-and-paper artist Michael Ingledue.

Ingledue's concern echoed during a chair-circle conversation with artists in the upcoming show Art Fits! It's not the kind of thing you typically hear from an artist, but this is not a typical exhibit.

More than 20 artists who have never shown their work, or haven't for some time, will be on display at Junctionview Studios this Friday. Curator Michael Reed listens quietly as several artists sit inside his lofty studio discussing their on-and-off relationships with art.

As the dialog turns to their handiwork, artists glow as they excitedly show their pieces. With no fees to pay up or jurors to win over, they were given complete control in deciding what and how much work to display.

"I've been impressed and humbled by the quality of submissions I've received for this show. It's inspiring to think of the art people are creating when no one is looking," Reed said.

Through the smash success of shows like Agora, Reed and the 15 other Couchfire Collective artists have stirred much public interest in their Junctionview Studios events. Art Fits! is a solo project for Reed. He sees the event as a chance to help others find a place where making and displaying art fits in their lives.

For some that means just finding time to make art. Amy Neiwirth teaches art to grades K through 12 and is a grad student at Ohio State University. She turns to short-term projects, like drawing and crafts, to get her creative fix.

Originally a realistic oil painter, Neiwirth currently explores how fine art meets craft—in an oven. "I've been thinking about baked goods and pastries a lot," she said. "They're beautiful—decadent and colorful."

Her meticulously arranged collage, Meditation on the Goodness of Sweets, is a hypnotic circle of miniature cookies cut from vintage cookbooks. She also constructs miniature cookies out of polymer clay, again playing with scale to throw viewers off.

Like pulling a Halloween costume together right before a party, Steve Sauer is drawn to the show because he works best under pressure. "That's how you get your best costumes, and that's kind of how I make art," he explained.

As a change of pace from his job as an industrial designer, Sauer enjoys the open-ended process of artistic exploration. He'll be presenting several oil paintings characterized by soft primary colors and an abstract exploration of brushstroke.

"I'm always doing art, but 99 percent is in my head," Sauer said. Dabbling in new territory, he also plans to construct an installation from weathered wood.

"This show means a lot to me," Ingledue said. Not showing his work since high school, he always wanted to be an artist but never knew how. He works part-time and, with the support of his wife, focuses all his extra energy drawing.

Opening his long portfolio case reveals intricate black and white illustrations fueled by wailing heavy metal imagery—skulls, monsters, babes and all.

To artists like Ingledue, Art Fits! is a stepping stone to a hoped-for career. For others it's just an effort to reclaim creative space in their lives.

"It's about creating a stage for people's voice," Reed said. Reclusive artists who want to share their voice are welcome to come early and bring art. "We'll try and find a place for it," he added.

Sleepybird, DJ Dave Espionage and several other bands will perform for the event. Drinks and light food will be provided. Doors open at 6 p.m.; donations are accepted, but not required.

What: "Art Fits!"

When: Friday, July 27

Where: Junctionview Studios, Grandview Heights


July 26th, 2007

Copyright © 2007 Columbus Alive, Inc. All rights reserved.

Self-Portrait as an Exhausted Artist

Hmm, art imitates life? Life imitates art?

I am very excited for a group art show that I am a part of, although a bit exhausted from running around and getting everything together.
The show is a one-night-only engagement and is called Art Fits. Please come out to Junctionview Studios in Grandview, OH on Friday evening, July 27th for art, food, live music, and all kinds of fun stuff!
I should have snapped some photos of my artwork when I went to hang it yesterday, but I will try to get some pics at the opening. The overarching themes are crafts, food, domesticity, and "women's work".

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's Almost a Bracelet!!

This is what I've been working on for the past 3 weeks at my metalsmithing/jewelry class at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. It is my very first attempt at creating my own design using only metal. Each of the links in this bracelet is hand-sawed. The vein cut-outs proved to be very challenging, but they did give me some great sawing practice!

Here are my photos of the leaf bracelet-in-progress:

The bracelet is not quite finished: I'd like to add a greenish patina to every other link. I also have to shape the clasp/hook at the end of the bracelet.

Not bad for a first try, huh? :)


This week, I was inspired to add some more color to my living room and kitchen. All it really took were some curtains and a few accessories! Of course, I don't have any "before" photos, but take my word for it that the current decor is a vast improvement from what it looked like before.
I decided to go with red curtains (redder ones on the center window, a more purple-red on the 2 outer windows) to get some color up on the walls. I live in a rental unit and while my landlord does allow painting, it didn't seem like it was worth all of the effort.

I know the cat toys under the table add a very sophisticated flavor to the place.

I bought this awesome red dining set from my friend Vicki. It used to be in our college apartment and it was her great-grandmother's!
The chairs need some TLC, so I plan on enlisting the help of Randi from Flamestitch to reupholster the chairs in a very appropriate glitter naugahyde vinyl. With contrast piping, of course.

I bought some fabulous jewel-toned retro placemats to add some more color to the kitchen. They also bring in the purples and golds from the living room.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Columbus Crafters Treasury List on Etsy!!

I always feel special when I can score a Treasury spot on Etsy. I finally nabbed one this afternoon and my theme for the list is Columbus Crafters!

You can view the clickable list on right HERE!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sampler Sampler Sampler!

I decided that I will be contributing to The Sampler for the month of September! Hooray! I will be contributing 25 of these cute little apple hairpins. Note the very excellent packaging that I designed myself! I am getting quite good at piecing things together in Photoshop.

Anyone have any positive Sampler stories? I was thinking of including a coupon with a code for a *surprise* free gift with any purchase, just to see if people who got the samples decided to buy something from my Etsy shop.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

North Market Food & Ohio Wine Fest

Today was an awesome day at the North Market! Special thanks to my mom for being so sweet and helping out with my booth so I could take potty breaks.

Hmm, do you think we're related??

I did pretty well today (my biggest sales were from people I knew!). My one wish is that I had somewhere to hang my Sweet Stella Designs banner. We had a brick wall behind us and a pillar on only one side of us. Oh well! It didn't quite work out this time.

Check out my awesome money apron!! I bought it from Manos Mias on Etsy and it's one of my favorite craft show accessories.

And here are my finished tote bags. The cherry blossom one didn't go as planned, but that's ok. I have the sparkly pink donut instead!

I got to see Emily, Olivera, and AmyD at the craft show, although there wasn't much time for chit-chat since we were all busy with our booths.

My best sellers were definitely these rings:

Overall: great day! (super-exhausting, though)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brand New: Tote Bags!

I have been working on these totes for weeks. I made them mostly from making appliques from felt and hand-sewing them on to the tote bags. For the tree branches, I used acrylic paint.
A few of the bags still need their final touches, like a little more ribbon or a few more buttons. I'll probably get to that today.

My goal is to be completely finished with the bags by tomorrow evening because on Sunday, July 15th, I'll be selling them at the North Market Food & Ohio Wine Festival!
Come visit me on Sunday at the North Market (in Columbus, Ohio) from 12-6 pm!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Booth Photos!

Here are some photos of our "Handmade Parade" booth! Remember, we'll be at the Lynn & Pearl Alley Markets in downtown Columbus, Tuesdays and Fridays until August 17th. Come see us!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tomorrow is "Market Day!"

Tomorrow will be my first day as a vendor with my friend Lori at our booth at the Lynn & Pearl Alley Markets (we're called Handmade Parade!). We've worked so hard to get to this point, and I think we are both crazy-excited to begin our adventures in market-land.

For more info, see my post on Craigslist.

In other news, I finished designing a promo button to include as a freebie when someone makes a purchase from my shop on Etsy.

I think these will be very adorable! Ooh, and I am almost at 50 items sold on Etsy. Just 4 more to go. Perhaps you should buy something. *wink*

Monday, July 02, 2007

Design ADD, part 2

I was thinking about new business cards today...and then I just redesigned my blog, MySpace, and Etsy sites. The orange/blue motif wasn't really working for me. I'll still keep my business cards and hang tags until they run out, and then figure out the least expensive way to have them printed: 2-sided, glossy, full color. That's the plan.

Side 1

Side 2

What I like about my new design is that it features my jewelry; which really remains a mystery for buyers when they look at my current card.

Design-type folk: any suggestions? (I saved each one with all of its layers as a .psd, so they are still editable.)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Stickers Stickers Stickers!!

My favorite button-maker, Vanessa from the PromoShop (formerly PaperZombie) was running an excellent special where she was offering free stickers with an order of 100 buttons. Well, I am almost fresh out of my Ohio Love buttons, so I figured it was a good time for a refill.

I am going to have Ohio stickers made also, along with this lovely design I whipped up this evening.

Who wouldn't want this sweet sticker??