Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This week, I was inspired to add some more color to my living room and kitchen. All it really took were some curtains and a few accessories! Of course, I don't have any "before" photos, but take my word for it that the current decor is a vast improvement from what it looked like before.
I decided to go with red curtains (redder ones on the center window, a more purple-red on the 2 outer windows) to get some color up on the walls. I live in a rental unit and while my landlord does allow painting, it didn't seem like it was worth all of the effort.

I know the cat toys under the table add a very sophisticated flavor to the place.

I bought this awesome red dining set from my friend Vicki. It used to be in our college apartment and it was her great-grandmother's!
The chairs need some TLC, so I plan on enlisting the help of Randi from Flamestitch to reupholster the chairs in a very appropriate glitter naugahyde vinyl. With contrast piping, of course.

I bought some fabulous jewel-toned retro placemats to add some more color to the kitchen. They also bring in the purples and golds from the living room.

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