Sunday, July 15, 2007

North Market Food & Ohio Wine Fest

Today was an awesome day at the North Market! Special thanks to my mom for being so sweet and helping out with my booth so I could take potty breaks.

Hmm, do you think we're related??

I did pretty well today (my biggest sales were from people I knew!). My one wish is that I had somewhere to hang my Sweet Stella Designs banner. We had a brick wall behind us and a pillar on only one side of us. Oh well! It didn't quite work out this time.

Check out my awesome money apron!! I bought it from Manos Mias on Etsy and it's one of my favorite craft show accessories.

And here are my finished tote bags. The cherry blossom one didn't go as planned, but that's ok. I have the sparkly pink donut instead!

I got to see Emily, Olivera, and AmyD at the craft show, although there wasn't much time for chit-chat since we were all busy with our booths.

My best sellers were definitely these rings:

Overall: great day! (super-exhausting, though)


TakeWrning said...

Oh, I did notice the apron! and you and your mom looked so cute too!
(I think I might have to bail out of the Art Fits show now- there's a strong chance I'll have to work in Canton late Friday through Saturday. I'm really sadddd)

Amy said...

Oh no! :(
So there's no way you can finish your quilt in time?
I haven't even started my artwork yet. I think that will be this week's project. I know what I want to do in my hear...not sure if it will work on canvas!

Barbra said...

That's your Mom? Not sister?
Anyway,wanted to drop by and say hi after seeing your shalom treasury on etsy. Very cool to see so much Judaica there. Thanks for doing it.
And your stuff is adorable.