Saturday, March 22, 2008

C-Note Art Show

Last weekend, my artwork was in a group show called C-Note at Junctionview Studios in Grandview (my favorite place!). The premise was that each artwork in the show was priced at $100, making the show a great destination for those wishing to start an art collection at an affordable price.
Below is a photo of my artworks that were in the show (clockwise, from top left): Watch What You Eat; This Is What Ice Cream Does To My Insides; To Meditate on the Goodness of Sweets (Cookie Mandala); Untitled (Mmm...Donuts); Sweet on the Inside.

I am sad that many of my photos from the show didn't turn out so well; below are the best ones. There was some great art to see at C-Note!


TakeWrning said...

So did you sell your piece?
Did anyone?
Were there alot of people?

mary moon designs said...

I totally loved that Orange Fishy Charecter in the middle picture.It was one of my favorite pieces in the show.I couldn't get it.The rule is I have to sell before I buy
.Any how ,it was great to participate in a show with so many wonderful local artist.It was a unique concept,I would do it again.