Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 Wrap-Up

After a much-needed break from blogging & crafting, I feel re-charged and energized and ready for 2009! I have some great goals for Sweet Stella Designs for the upcoming year, but first, I wanted to reflect on the last part of 2008. 

Auto/Bio: An MA Thesis Exhibition 
I finally finished my giant MA project (17 pieces of artwork and a 180-page paper) and it was great to see my art on the walls and have my friends and family come out to celebrate. 

People mingle at my exhibition reception

This event is always a blast! So many people came out to this two-day indie craft extravaganza and I split the table space with my friend (she took the space on Saturday; I had it on Sunday) Lori who makes perfumes and bath blends under the name Violette Market

Here I am at my Sweet Stella Designs booth

Anne shows off her new AmyD skirt 

Holiday Hop Trunk Show @ What The Rock?!
The wintry weather was a bit of a deterrent for some people, but many others hopped on down to What The Rock to check out items from my holiday collection. 

Pink & sparkly with tiny lights: just the way I like it

In addition to my trunk show, I also had some small works displayed at Roy G. Biv Gallery's Member Small Works Exhibition and the Ohio Art League's annual Thumb Box Exhibition. 

Every piece of art was priced at $100 and despite the dreary economy, people came out to support local artists. I had an open studio on Saturday night and it was lots of fun to see all of the different types of art on the walls. 

Art viewers enjoy the work at C-Note 

Jen and Coreroc hang out in my open studio, #133

I am definitely looking forward to the rest of 2009. There are some great events happening at Junctionview Studios (including a spiffy re-designed website) and I am getting ready to start making some Valentines Day-themed jewelry. Looking ahead to April, I have an art show scheduled at Haiku Poetic Food & Art in the Short North. 

Naturally, most of my New Years resolutions have to do with being more organized, so I hope I'm able to keep up with that!

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