Friday, July 30, 2010


This lovely new print above my kitchen sink is by UK illustrator Amy Blackwell.

A few weeks ago, as I entered my 5th year of living at my current address, I decided that I hated everything in my apartment. The clutter was taking over my life and the colors were uninspiring. I live in a rental unit where all the trim is painted an awful peachy-beige color and with 10-foot ceilings, painting whole rooms is a task that is daunting to say the least (and out-of-the-question, I later decided). So I aimed to keep is simple and planned to paint a bright blue backsplash in my kitchen and a stripe on my bedroom wall to act as a "headboard". Then came the furniture and accessories (Ikea, Crate & Barrel, and Etsy - oh my!!) and suddenly, I was way over-budget.

One of my main inspirations to spruce up my place was my friend Jen, whose old apartment was featured on Apartment Therapy a few weeks ago - it made me want to make my place colorful and clutter-free too.

I can't say that my place is quite clutter-free (or finished in the realm of redecorating) quite yet, but I will make sure to post photos when it is. For now, it makes me feel a little more like I have a hip apartment suitable for the arty gal that I am.

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