Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Sales

Today I went craft supply shopping. I probably should have been doing a variety of other things instead. Yesterday, I cleaned my craft room and today, it already looks like a tornado blew through it.
I am also starting to work on some artwork for the Agora III show. I already registered as an artist, but need to upload photos of the pieces I would like to be shown. Too bad they're not ready yet!! Oh, but I work so well with "crunch time" deadlines.

I typically dislike doing this, but here's a preview of one of my drawings:

There will be color and various other surprises. It will be quite confectionery and decadent.
I'm also working on a watercolor painting and a series of 4 small canvases.


Angela Vandenbogaard said...

Your work is so beautiful - I just hearted you! :o)

Stephanie said...

What fun things! I haven't seen anything like it. I'll heart you, too.
I just got some goodies and now my studio is a mess, too...
See you on etsy!

annmi said...

I really love to see the doodles people make. Rembrandt or 3-year old kid, it doesn't matter. (Dont' worry, not comparing you with a 3-year old.)

It's really really interesting to see how peoples' ideas develop. So this is where you get your shapes from? :)