Monday, September 17, 2007

Mid-September Musings

Today, I finished a pendant for a fellow teacher who wanted a gift for her daughter-in-law. Inside the silver frame is an image of an Israeli stamp with an illustration of Rachel (from the Bible/Torah). The pendant is filled with a glassy resin.

Stella has decided that the weather is getting cool enough to resume napping on the bed. It might be annoying (especially when she chooses to park herself right where I'd like my feet to go), but she's so darn cute.

"Meowsers! Get that camera out of my face, woman!"

I have sent off my October contribution to The Sampler. This month, I made 25 little chocolate chip cookie magnets out of polymer clay. Don't they look good enough to eat?


TakeWrning said...

The necklace is stunning.
Damn, you're a Sampler machine!

willo said...

super cute packaging!