Sunday, December 23, 2007

San Francisco, Here I Come!

Tomorrow, I am off to San Francisco! I am so excited to see my favorite person in the world and to see all of the sights in the Bay Area.
I would be more excited if I wasn't trying to get rid of this stupid upper respiratory funkiness that I've had on-and-off for 2 weeks. On the upside, I may get to sit by myself on the plane (SkyBus has "open seating"), as no one will want to sit next to the girl with 100 dirty tissues hacking up a lung.

Maybe the Bay Area air will be good for what ails me!

Check back in a little over a week for photos and updates. Also, while the Sweet Stella Designs Etsy Shop will be "open" while I am away, any orders will be shipped upon my return.

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