Wednesday, January 02, 2008

San Fran Fun

My week in San Francisco was excellent! Our first adventure was a drive and a hike in the Mt. Tamalpais area, right near Mill Valley where Randy lives. I was so excited to see the Pacific Ocean!
We ate lunch at Stinson Beach and watched some crazy surfers out in the freezing water. I had fun examining the stinky piles of sea kelp and following a little bird around.

We drove up to Mt. Tamalpais and hiked to the top, making me realize how out-of-shape I am!! The 360-degree view was absolutely spectacular; if you look very closely towards the center of the photo, you can see a tiny San Francisco in the distance.

That Sunday, Randy and I ventured in to the city. We took the train from SoMA to the Haight and walked all the way down Haight Street, then zig-zagged our way through the Mission and all the way back to 4th St. My feet were killing me after all the walking!! Here is the obligatory photo of Haight/Ashbury.

On New Years' Eve, the sunset was gorgeous. We had an excellent view of the city from JG's place!
I am sure I will go back soon, so I am not too concerned about having "missed" out on the popular touristy things. I am a little disappointed that we didn't make it to the SFMoMA, but maybe next time!

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TakeWrning said...

Looks like Mill Valley is beautiful.
Swanky New Years digs. We laid on the couch in Cbus. :-(
You're feet wouldn't have hurt if Randy would have ridden you around on the Xtracycle!