Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm in the Craft: Magazine Blog

Yesterday, Patrice pointed out that my Credit Card Pendant Necklace was mentioned in the Craft: Magazine blog!!! Hooray!

This is so exciting, as that piece now has 570 views (and more people have "hearted" me on Etsy within the last 2 days, too!). Maybe someone will decide they can't live without it...

I have also broken my rule about not listing new items on Etsy. Yes, I am supposed to be writing my thesis, but I really needed to make some new things and list some old ones as well. Plus, I have 3 more books to pick up at the naturally I should hold off on the writing until I have more sources, right? Right.


TakeWrning said...

You've in the Valentine's Day Storque too! Whoo-hoo!

Bootlegger84 said...

wow, nice work amy! so cool the attention you are getting!