Monday, January 14, 2008

Patrice is my Informant

Yay, my apple core necklace is part of an little Valentine's feature in Etsy's web-zine, The Storque! If you look in the lower area with the six boxes, there it is on the bottom left.

Patrice is the one who alerted me again. I'm happy I have friends who are so vigilant.
Speaking of Patrice, my tummy is still happy from eating her scrumptious home-baked bread. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Ok, so my little spotlights/features this week have been very exciting. Although what would be more exciting would be a sale as a result.


moogan said...

I loved that credit card pendant you made.
Very clever!

Anonymous said...

don't despair! you are such a superstar! everyone knows sweetstella! if you build it, they will come!
can't log's AmyD