Sunday, May 04, 2008

North Market Artisan Sunday

The first installment of The North Market's Artisan Sundays was a blast! Despite being a bit stressed about my set-up (so much stuff, so little time to get organized!), I thought my booth looked pretty good.
Special thanks to Olivera for lending me her fabulous folding table.

My booth was right between Lenny from L. Cabanero Designs (plush-maker and City Sampler contributor) and Clint from Galaxy Reno (screen printed poster-y goodness). Below are some of Lenny's lovable creatures.

Chris from Bootleg had some excellent t-shirts. I wish I had more time to wander around and check out all of the yummyness. That breakfast t-shirt is calling my name.

Way at the other end was Anne, with her clean and modern jewelry and her fabulously uncluttered display.

Patrice was across from me and she had some great new pendants and a bright new business card design. She decided to forgo the tent (too complicated to put together!) and bask in the sunshine.

One highlight of the day was the Elvis Costello sighting!! We were alerted to his presence right as I met Brandon, who borrowed my camera to get a closer look. I sent him with an "Ohio Love" pin and an "I Heart You" pin to give to Mr. Costello, who thanked Brandon for the cool "badges" and let him snap this photo. I had great hopes of him visiting my booth, but he seemed to be in a hurry and headed out pretty quickly.

At the end of the day, Lenny and I traded: I scored this adorable new friend and she now has a cool pendant necklace.


AmyD said...

oh hooray! i've been DYING to know how it went!

TakeWrning said...

ewww, I look all bloated! Thanks for taking the pics though. Of all the days to forget my memory card...

mary moon designs said...

My daughter loves her new stuffed owl she got at the show.She is a huge owlie fan and draws them all of the time.Thanks