Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweet Stella Designs at the MTV Movie Awards!

My birthday was yesterday, and besides going to dinner with my parents, I didn't get very much time to relax...I was busy running around like a crazy person and doing last-minute wrap-ups for my MTV Style Lounge contribution. That's right...I just shipped 75 of my necklaces to be included in gift bags in the Style Lounge at the MTV Movie Awards!

Hmm, how did I get such a sweet gig? Well, it's through one of my favorite companies, The Sampler! They help promote indie artists, designers, and business owners. Alison and her crew were invited to participate (for a fee, of course!) in the Style Lounge, where celebrities can pick up cool swag at the MTV Movie Awards. The Sanpler will be offering a huge tote with all kinds of unique handmade goodies in it.

Here are some photos of what I made:

Everything looks fabulous with a silver bow.

Pendants inspired by pharmacy and biology!

So I have no idea if my participation will pan out in to anything, but I'm hoping for the best! If anything, it was quite the lesson in organization, mass production, and timing.

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Bootlegger84 said...

stuff looks good..hollywood...drugs...i get it :)