Monday, July 07, 2008


...from Comfest weekend. Still.

Everything wound up going very smoothly (except random rainstorms and downpours). Our Etsy Team Columbus tent looked super-cute. Check out some of the photos!

Our booth set-up

My little section

free Etsy swag

Megan C. and Mara enjoy lunch

Megan M. shows off her "Moogan Creation"

Ohio loves Olivia at Wholly Craft's booth

Patrice and Emily's work looked great as always

P. & E. show off a Little Brother's belt buckle by Mary M.

After Comfest was all wrapped up, I was ready for some serious laziness. Randall decided to celebrate summer by making some serious veggie chili cheese dogs.

This is how I have felt all week. Stella knows what's up! Nap time...

Yesterday, I packed up all of my wares again and headed over to the North Market to sell at Artisan Sundays. Sales were great and I will be hard at work this week making more little clay treats. I am also trying to get some new stores to stock my items, so we'll see...more news on that soon.

And to the person who stole my handmade "Birthday Cake" ring from my booth yesterday:
1) You owe me $14.95
2) Karma will get you
3) If you're going to steal, don't steal from small businesses or people who hand-make their items, for God's sake!!!


TakeWrning said...

Emily had 2 headbands stolen and I had a plate necklace stolen at Comfest- blah. Did the Etsy booth have any problems?
How did the NM go this week?

Tornangel012 said...

That is terrible! If it is a one of a kind item you could post a pic up on Columbus Underground and then tons of people would be on the look out to shame that person!