Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Has Nothing To Do With Anything...

...but I am eating these gummies right now. At first I thought they were gross, but they have grown on me. They're tart and more sticky/chewy than bouncy/gummy (if that makes any sense).

They remind me of Sour Dudes, which I used to eat all the time in middle school. I miss them. Apparently you can order them online, but only in a 24-pack. Tempting.

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Bootlegger84 said...

both the jolly rancher gummies and sour dudes have some pretty wicked fruit with faces, i wonder if the sour dudes are the same as the jolly rancher gummies..maybe j.r. bought out sour dudes..and then they sell them online with the old label...i think im thinking way too much about sour high fructose corn syrup candy goodness..ha