Monday, June 25, 2007

Busy busy in the studio!

Have I mentioned yet that being off of work for the summer is awesome?? I have been keeping busy, though. Yesterday, I dragged all of my jewelry and crafts that I plan to sell out into the living room. I figured out some different possible set-ups for my table display. I also played around with different display levels and containers.

It was incredibly helpful to see all of my creations laid out. Now I can see where I may need to fill in and make some more pieces.

Next, I started working on a banner for Lori's and my booth at the Lynn & Pearl Markets. I picked up a giant canvas banner (already gessoed and grommeted...if those are even verbs...) at The Flower Factory for about $8.50. I used 2/3 of it for the Handmade Parade banner and will use the other third for a Sweet Stella Designs banner to hang at the North Market Food + Ohio Wine Festival. I hope to get more than one use out of my own banner, though!!

Check out my rockin' artistic skills. I knew that BFA was good for something!! Not only does it match our logo postcard, but it is all hand-painted by yours truly.

This is what my studio/craft room looks like. Usually every surface is covered with something. Below are a few pics on a good day. Haha.

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