Sunday, August 05, 2007

Adventures In Resin

I think I may have finally figured out the trick to Envirotex Lite pour-on resin! Last time I tried, it didn't fully cure and I was so sad that my pretty pendants and coasters were all sticky. And since it's a chemical reaction and not a dry-time issue, the surfaces were still sticky after a week.

So, I tried again! This time, I was armed with good advice I received from the forums:
1) If your mixture proportions of resin and hardener isn't perfect, it will not set up and cure to a rock-hard finish. However, if you have a bit too much hardener in the mix, it's not the end of the world. Too much resin, however, means stickiness.
2) If it's humid, put your items (if they're small) in a barely warm oven. The resin cures fastest at 90 degrees, 50% humidity.

I have a gas range, so my oven is always warm because of my pilot. And the oven was perfect to use today because my apartment feels like a sweltering jungle rainforest.

So here's my resin pendant gallery:

My own artwork: Pitt artist pen and colored pencil on paper
collaged on to wooden discs

Found images on silver-plated charms

Retro Flower
Found image on a mini domino

Patterned paper and tons of glitter in a tiny frame charm

I still have to wait until Tuesday for the resin to fully cure. But I can tell that it will set up just fine. Yay!


Amanda said...

ooh, those turned out great! i have tried the same resin on polymer clay... it gives it such a nice look!

Tigertree said...

They look nice! I have a lot of experience with resin if you have any other questions.

Tracy said...

Those look great ! Did you have to first seal your images before pouring on the resin ? I've been struck by the resin bug too and am anxious to get practicing :)

All the best !

Tracy :)