Thursday, August 09, 2007

Featured on the Front Page of Etsy!

Today, my Lime Slice Pendant is featured on the front page of! I was looking at my listings and wondered why in the world the "views" on that pendant seemed to have skyrocketed today. Well, I checked the front page and there it was! (And there it is below, on the right-hand side.)

I am so excited because of the exposure this has brought my Sweet Stella Designs shop on Etsy. 14 people have added my shop as a "favorite" today and I am so close to having 200 people "heart" me! Several have added the pendant as one of their favorite items as well, and all of the views on the items in my shop have gone up! Woohoo!

I hope this leads to a sale or two. That would be super.

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moogan said...

congratulations! I hope this will lead to some great sales!!!