Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Creations

I've been busy this week, trying to cram in some jewelry-making before I have to start teaching again. Here are some of my creations using vintage stamps and found images with a pour-on resin as a protective coating:
Petite Pendant Necklaces

Vintage Stamp Chokers

Floral Earrings

Also, I am very happy to announce that some of my jewelry will be available at Tigertree in the Short North (Columbus, OH)! So head on over to 17 E. Brickel St. for locket-shaped resin pendants, oval Lucite dangle earrings, and little teacup rings.


KiWi said...

i love the oval-ish ones. What are they made from? the metal part, that is.

The Creative Corner said...

Love the pendant necklaces!! Very pretty!

Amy said...

i love this stamp/resin idea! it's not something i've ever seen before! good for you! see you at the cotillion! congratulations on the tigertree dealie! woot!

TakeWrning said...

Oh, I'm soooo jealous. Tigertree is one of my goal shops, but my current stuff wouldn't fit in there. :-(
If only I was at home to make more!