Saturday, October 06, 2007

Decisions & Questions

Well, I've been away from my computer for 3 whole days and I feel like I have been disconnected from a limb. Ok, not really. I did make another sale on Etsy the other day (hooray!), so it looks like things have been picking up. I'd like to think that it's due to my contributing to The Sampler, but it's hard to say for sure.

I am going to start working on my Masters' thesis project this week. No joke! It will be a collection of autobiographical short stories and comics. With any luck, I will have my Masters in Art Education by the end of Spring 2008!

I had to say goodbye to some old friends tonight: my Converse Chuck Taylors from college. I am pretty sure these were my original Chucks from college (we are currently in "round 3" of Converse replacement). They are so gross and dead. It was time. *sniff*


fernfiddlehead said...

Good luck with your school work. Sorry that you have to say good-bye to your sneakers. They seem to still be in pretty good shape (at least compared to the ones my daughter is still wearing!!)

Cathy said...

Good luck with your Masters - sounds like an interesting topic!

TakeWrning said...

Awww, what a cute little photo of you!