Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I *Heart* Columbus Crafters!

Last night I had a blast in the back room of Surly Girl, finally meeting many awesome Columbus crafters! It was good to get out, especially on a weeknight, when I am usually holed up in my apartment playing with Sculpey or varnish or God knows what...
Meanwhile, here are some quality sites that are definitely worth checking out:

Wholly Craft: cute pink store in Clintonville, featuring tons of handcrafted awesomeness from all over the US, but always showing much love for Columbus crafters
TakeWrning: jewelry & accessories from recycled materials (check out the awesome bicycle tube cuffs!. Buy online from takewrning.etsy.com
Umbrella Girl Productions: handmade books, stationery, greeting cards, scarves, and purses
AmyD: very wearable (yet funky...Earwig lyrics, anyone?) handmade clothing and accessories
Melissa Vogely Woods: paintings, quilts, and mixed media works.

Plus many more I may have inadvertantly left out! I am excited for more craft meetings. They will hopefully happen every month...as long as Olivera keeps feeding us yummy chocolate cake.


Anonymous said...

i had fun too! it was cool meeting you!
(the other amy)

TakeWrning said...

yay for Cbus crafters!
We should all have like a crafter style stitch and bitch at Surly next time, it would be sweet to see what everyone makes.