Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yarn-Wrapped Fun!

Yarn-wrapped beads are my new exciting jewelry adventure. They are quite simple to make, but you couldn't tell judging from the intricate designs the can create together!

I started wrapping the beads last Friday, when I had some 'down time' between classes. And I couldn't stop. I made 3 necklaces this weekend by stringing the beads on a satin cord and knotting the cord to keep the beads in place.

The first necklace has an orange center bead and shades of blues.
You can purchase this necklace HERE!

To the right is another necklace I made this weekend. It reminds me of spring!

It also matched the fabric of the chair in my craft room/office.
You can purchase this necklace HERE!

The necklace to the left is not for sale! I love it too much. I've already worn it twice since I've made it and recieved several compliments.

I will probably make a few more of the same style, though. The funky yarns add a little pizazz, and the graduated fade from dark red to light pink works well, in my opinion.
Let me know what you think!

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